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Universal screens Modernizes with Google Workspace


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The Universal Screens Team was operating their emails from Office365 and was using Consumer Google accounts for collaboration tools such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc. With multiple users owning documents in each other's shared folders, there was no data consistency and integrity. There was also no clear functional security platform to control the working environment for their file system.

Suitebriar's role in the project

Suitebriar served as a seasoned expert, guiding Universal Screens’s data migration from a scattered tech stack to Google Workspace. Suitebriar facilitated the successful adoption of Workspace, enabling efficient collaboration amid rapid growth.

The Solution

Universal Screens selected Google Workspace as the solution for their tech-related collaboration challenges. Considering the complexity of dealing with multiple different owners of documents and multiple platforms to migrate from, Universal Screens asked Suitebriar to lead the migration. Suitebriar guided the project and migrated all data without any downtime and data loss.

The Result

Suitebriar’s involvement led to an efficient transition and broad adoption from Universal Screen’s staff as it shifted to a single, unified tech stack in Google Workspace. This led to lower expenses and improved communication. It established an internal collaboration infrastructure that could scale over time without compromising efficiency or security due to rapid growth.


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