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Deploy, manage, and secure your devices with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade premium

Partner with Suitebriar and unlock the potential of the world’s most adopted browser to make your business or school environment more streamlined and secure.

With Chrome Enterprise your business or school can deploy and enforce over 100+ machine-level policies that apply whether or not users are signed in to a managed account. Your business or school can manage chrome browsers across all your organization's Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. With Chrome Enterprise your business or school can manage 200+ policies that govern use of Chrome browser, such as the apps and extensions, privacy and data security, browsing experience, and more.

check Chome Enterprise Key Components

  • Chrome Browser for Enterprise: The core component is a version of the Chrome browser specifically tailored for enterprise use.
  • Chrome Enterprise Upgrade: This is a license that unlocks administrative features for managing Chrome browsers in a business setting.
  • Chrome Enterprise Premium: Offers additional advanced security and management capabilities.

check Core Benefits of Chrome Enterprise:

  • Centralized Management: IT admins can enforce over 200 policies (Chrome Enterprise policy list) across Windows, Mac, and Linux devices to tailor the browser experience, ensuring consistency and security. 
  • Security: Proactive threat protection, enhanced data security controls, and the ability to restrict access to specific websites or extensions are key features.
  • Flexibility: Supports various deployment models, including remote workers, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) setups, and managed ChromeOS devices.
  • Integration: Chrome Enterprise works seamlessly with existing enterprise management tools and cloud identity providers.
  • Cost Savings: Can reduce IT overhead, especially when moving to cloud-first environments.

check Chrome Enterprise Premium

This add-on includes more advanced features:

  • Enhanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Protection against accidental or malicious data leaks.
  • Advanced Browser and Security Isolation: Helps safeguard against zero-day attacks and malware.
  • Filter URL: Based on URL category
  • Context-Aware access: For SaaS, Google cloud and private web apps via Chrome

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 check Who Needs Chrome Enterprise Upgrade?

  • Organizations that want greater control over Chrome browser usage: If IT needs to enforce specific policies, protect sensitive data, and ensure a consistent browser experience across devices, this is essential.
  • Companies with a mix of operating systems: Chrome Enterprise Upgrade provides a standardized way to manage Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Businesses using ChromeOS devices: The upgrade is required to manage and secure Chromebooks and other ChromeOS devices.

check Why choose Suitebriar for your Chrome Enterprise deployment?

  • End-to-End Support: Suitebriar offers assistance at every stage, from planning and strategy development to deployment and configuration of your Chrome Enterprise environment.
  • Tailored Training and Change Management: We understand that technology alone isn't enough. Suitebriar certified team provides tailored training to ensure your employees understand and embrace the benefits of Chrome Enterprise, smoothing the adoption process and maximizing your investment.
  • Proven Success: Suitebriar boasts a substantial client base and a history of assisting organizations of various sizes to successfully migrate and manage Chrome Enterprise.
  • 24/7 IT Support: Access to Suitebriar’s support team for troubleshooting and guidance.

A critical advantage for doing business in the cloud

IT Management and services savings with Chrome Devices 1
Reduction in security incidents with Chrome Browser 2

1. "The Total Economic ImpactTM of Chrome devices for knowledge workers", a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Google, September 2018, 2. "The Total Economic ImpactTM of Chrome browser", a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Google, July 2018, * Total benefits over a three-year period.

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