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Google Cloud Foundations Workshop

Suitebriar experts will partner with your team to implement an initial production-ready GCP Landing Zone

Partner with Suitebriar and leverage the expertise of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) tailored to your business requirements.

Our specialized team, comprising Solutions Architects, Cloud Engineers, and Project Managers, will guide you toward a tailored solution that meets your unique technical demands.

We provide a solid foundation for your success by setting up a deployment-ready landing zone on GCP. Our services encompass:

  • Resource Management
  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • Networking
  • Billing & Cost Management
  • Logging & Monitoring

Our dedicated experts leverage best practices throughout the entire process to minimize risks, accelerate time to value, and provide a seamless experience with predictable results and cost certainty.

What to expect during our engagement:


We thoroughly assess your existing environment, architecture, and technical requirements.

We build all components of the GCP landing zone tailored for your workload deployments.

We present you with a landing zone and your team performs User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

We provide comprehensive training and ensure a thorough documentation handoff.

Suitebriar equips you with the resources necessary to maximize your GCP utilization. These include:

  • Production-ready GCP environment
  • Personalized knowledge transfer sessions
  • First-mover proposal
  • Detailed technical design documentation
  • Comprehensive GCP architecture diagram
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) templates (Terraform)
  • Post-implementation support from Suitebriar experts

Partner with us to maximize the value of your GCP ecosystem in just 4-8 weeks!



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