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Because Google Workspace helps us work more efficiently, each person can get more work done

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Supported by their “People First” culture, MobileOne LLC has successfully grown from one T-Mobile location in southern California in 2008 to 120 stores in 7 states. With a team dedicated to exceeding customer expectations by offering the most knowledgeable, honest, and hardworking employees in the industry, MobileOne helps customers select the best mobile device and plan for their needs.


In 2015, MobileOne LLC was scheduled to open a number of new locations. In preparation, the corporate staff was operating business as usual, emailing spreadsheets & documents back and forth between contractors and staff. Coordinating openings had become a regular occurrence, but that didn’t mean the process was seamless. With multiple iterations of documents circulating, versioning became a significant challenge, causing decisions to be made based on outdated information as well as delays.

Additionally, communicating corporate news and T-Mobile product & promotional information promptly to all team members, in all locations had become cumbersome. This task was made more difficult by an ever-growing list of new employees that needed to be onboarded quickly.


Revel Stark, MobileOne LLC’s Director, knew there was a better productivity solution that wouldn’t just support their growth but propel it. MobileOne required a tool that would facilitate their scalability and expedite repetitive processes as well as enable employees to work from any smartphone. They were also looking for a solution to replace a domain hosted email system that was hard to manage. Google Workspace was just the solution.

“We are a people-first culture. We connect people, our customers, to their lives with their mobile device. To our corporate staff, our customers are our employees in the field and Google Workspace helps us better support them. Google Workspace makes it easier for our employees to do their jobs and do it well,” stated Stark.

To advise on the Google Workspace deployment process and provide ongoing support, Stark identified a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Suitebriar Inc. to ensure that replacing their legacy system would be a smooth experience. Once implemented, the collaboration capabilities in Drive were heavily utilized by MobileOne’s staff. Because versioning was no longer an issue with Docs & Spreadsheets stored within Drive, staff can now immediately locate the resources, data and presentations they need without having to email around to find the most current version. According to Stark, “before Google Workspace, staff members didn’t realize there was a different way of working, everyone had their own path to accomplishing things but were unaware of other options.”

MobileOne also leverages greater visibility into staff availability with the help of Calendars. Meetings are held via Hangouts where screensharing facilitates the conversation and remote team members can join easily from their mobile device.


Now two years post-deployment with 70 additional locations, MobileOne LLC’s staff has become scholars of scalability with the help of Google Workspace. Onboarding has become a streamlined process. Adding accounts is a simple execution within the Admin Panel eliminating the fear that the staff member with the “correct permissions” won’t be available to help. Once added,  new employees can readily access all onboarding Docs shared in Drive, bring them up to speed quickly.

Managers & executives now access real-time location data available in Spreadsheets to make decisions based on the most current information. This granular visibility allows all staff to work together to meet and exceed goals. A Chromebox in the headquarters’ conference room enables the corporate staff to quickly meet with store teams via Hangouts. The collaboration capabilities of Slides also allows the executive staff to quickly create, edit and present their sales results to T-Mobile directly.

“We run a lean operation compared to the competition,” says Stark. “Because Google Workspace helps us work more efficiently, each person can get more work done which helps us not only in time-savings but in building our business and ultimately building revenue.”

Revel Stark, Director,  MobileOne LLC

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