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What is Security Like with Google Cloud Search?

If you’re concerned about data security and privacy at your organization, you aren’t alone.

Cloud Search has you covered.

As your administrator makes updates to group access within your organization and across your teams, those updates are applied nearly instantly to cloud search at your organization.

In this way users will only see search results for content they have access to, and your most sensitive data will remain private.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cloud Search Available without a Google Workspace License?
You don’t need a Google Workspace License to leverage the power of Cloud Search at your organization, though we’re big proponents of taking advantage of the full suite of products offered by Google. If you aren’t sure about Google Workspace, contact us for a free 2-week trial.

Does Cloud Search Support Third-Party Data?
Google is currently in the process of expanding Cloud Search to support a range of third-party content repositories so that it can integrate seamlessly with existing email and content archival systems you have in place. Suitebriar can assist you with setup.

Does Cloud Search Cover All Google Workspace Apps?
Google Cloud Search currently supports most Google Workspace Services, including Docs, Drive, Slides, Calendar, Gmail, and more


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