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Thurs, Aug 10 @ 2pm ET | 11am PT

AI, including Google's Bard and Duet AI, are buzzwords across workrooms and social circles. Duet AI for Google Workspace is now available for preorder, and AppSheet Core is now included with most Google Workspace editions. With these expanded capabilities becoming quickly available to Google Workspace users, many clients have questions about how and if these technologies can be applied to improve existing processes in ways that drive business value.


Join Google & Suitebriar as we discuss and demonstrate use cases for how Duet AI and AppSheet can effectively automate processes. This event will prepare Google Workspace customers to evaluate each tool to determine how it will enhance their organization’s tech stack. Also to be discussed is the case for Google Cloud Platform in the planning of automated workflows.


  • Duet AI: All you need to know
  • AppSheet: Customer trends
  • GCP: Where GCP fits in an automated future
  • Incentives & promotions
  • Q & A

Meet Your Presenters

Brenda Scolaro

Brenda Scolaro
Google Workspace Specialist - Google

Brenda is a Google Workspace Specialist with four years of experience supporting Workspace customers within multiple segments. She dedicates her time to making sure her customers get the most out of the platform by helping them optimize their productivity, security and cost.

Heather Farley
Sales Engineer - Google

Heather is an experienced technical professional skilled at sales engineering, product management, and consulting. Proficient in data modeling/visualization, AI modeling, and SaaS/PaaS cybersecurity. Currently, Heather is a Google Sales Engineer (GCP) with expertise in AppSheet, Data Studio, and GCP. Prior to Google, she worked in a similar capacity at Microsoft. Heather is committed to delivering innovative solutions for clients. Outside of work, Heather enjoys spending time with her cat Ketchup.

Tina Mowen
Chief Customer Officer - Suitebriar

Tina has been in the Google ecosystem for the last 11+ years. Working in deployments, sales, and support, Tina has a wide breadth of knowledge of the different customer perspectives across the Google ecosystem. Tina often remarks that the first phase of the cloud journey educated customers about the benefits of the cloud. Now the conversation with customers are asking, “now what?” Join us to find out what is next on the journey through Google Workspace and Google Cloud!

Chris Cook
Google Cloud Platform - Suitebriar

Chris is a seasoned technology professional located in the Boston area with more than 35 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. His expertise ranges from traditional sysadmin roles to managing the entire network and security infrastructure of world-class hosting centers. Chris is a versatile and experienced Solution Architect, Technical Leader, and Systems Engineer who brings a wealth of industry knowledge and real-world experience pertaining to technology deployments, IP networking, and security systems.