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Millions of people are searching for jobs, salary information, company reviews, and interview questions.

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For millions of job seekers Glassdoor is an essential stop in their job search and career. Offering critical insights into jobs and companies, their culture, salary and other essential information has helped make Glassdoor one of the most well-known brands in recent years.


With that growth came new challenges internally for Glassdoor. Having began as a small start-up they have quickly grown to a company of over 600 employees. Director of Information Technology Umair Hamid quickly found that the initial investment in a hosted Exchange solution along with an organization using a 70/30 split of OSX to Windows devices was causing a lot of headaches.

Glassdoor needed a course correction in IT strategy that would provide a lasting, scalable, cost effective solution.  They found that direction in Google Workspace.


After a thorough discovery process weighing the benefits of both Google Workspace and Office 365, Glassdoor found that the Google solution, in Hamid’s words, “integrated better with the tools we use on a daily basis.”

Teaming with Suitebriar’s expert deployment and change management specialists, Glassdoor set to replacing their legacy system with Google Workspace in a manner that would not disrupt their day-to-day core business.

Change proved to be welcome as many of Glassdoor’s employees were already well versed with personal Google accounts to begin with.


Our Mac user experience was not great,” said Hamid. “We were using Parallels to install Windows so we could use Office for Windows. The Hosted Exchange we used was also high in cost. Additionally, there were no collaboration tools offered with our hosted mail service.On top of the inherent cross platform flaws, reliability was also an issue. “Any given month, we would have email issues for a few hours on top of monthly costs, days of downtime, lack of business continuity, etc.”

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