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Connections Health Modernizes with Google Workspace


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Connections Health is a mix of highly skilled, caring clinicians that make therapy less like work and more like discovery. They build skills, confidence, and insight to support their clients' emotional well-being in school, work, relationships, and day-to-day life, too.


Connections Health was utilizing Google Workspace, but they wanted to have a better understanding of the security features of the platform, as well as to increase the security of their daily work, especially with Google Workspace and email delivery.

The Solution

Connections Health chose Google Workspace for collaboration. Suitebriar completed a security audit and recommended DMARC implementation. DMARC implementation enhanced their email security, protecting against phishing and guaranteeing delivery.

The Result

Suitebriar’s involvement led to an efficient security approach and broad adoption from Connections Health by completing a Google Workspace security audit and the use of DMARC policy on their domain. It established an internal collaboration infrastructure that could scale over time without compromising efficiency or security.



“We appreciated the detailed technical explanations. We don't have an in-house IT professional so it was great that they took the time to explain the technical aspects of our security audit. The security audit involved several meetings over time and they werevery patient with our schedules, last-minute changes, and cancellations. They were always willing to adapt and re-schedule to meet."

Andrea Mills
Practice Manager
Connections Health LLC
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