Flexible Phone Plans That Work for Your Business

google-voice-manufacturingIf you've been frustrated in the past with your business phone service provider, or are looking for ways to cut costs, Google Voice for Business might be just what your manufacturing company needs to grow. Not only will you enjoy crystal-clear telephone service that is affordable (it starts at just $10 per user), but your office phone lines can be connected directly with your company or personal cell phone so whether you're on the way to a meeting with suppliers, in the office, or on the factory floor ... you'll never miss a critical call.

Not only that, but Google Voice allows your voicemail transcripts and text messages to all be forwarded to your Google Workspace Gmail inbox, making it easy to quickly scan and prioritize all of your messages in one place.

Switching to Google Voice requires minimal investment for your business as it will work seamlessly with your existing phone infrastructure. Your existing mobile and landline phone systems, and even your current telephone numbers can all be used.

And just like Google Workspace, Google Voice does not tie your hands with an annual commitment ... you pay by the month and by the user, allowing your costs to grow or shrink to reflect your business needs.

If you're sick of contract bloat and are ready to start saving money with Google, contact Suitebriar. We can help you cut licensing fees on legacy office, email, and phone systems and take your entire organization to the cloud with integrated business solutions from Google.

Enhance Collaboration & Streamline Operations

Your manufacturing business deserves enhanced, state-of-the-art tools to thrive and grow, and with Google Workspace you’ll enjoy access to the best business productivity and collaboration tools on the market for a low monthly fee.

Enjoy the most reliable business email in the world, instant video conferencing from any connected device, and much, much more.

Here are just a few of the reasons manufacturing businesses around the world are switching to Google and Google Workspace:

  • Unlimited document storage and powerful document search included in Enterprise editions

  • Streamlined operations and business processes by moving to the cloud.

  • Track key meetings, sales timelines, and product updates in real-time with Google Calendar and never miss a deadline again.

  • Cut travel and email time with Hangouts for impromptu face-to-face video conferencing any time, anywhere.

  • Sync pricing databases, quotes, promotions and more to Drive so your sales team has access to current information all the time, anywhere, from any device.

At Suitebriar, we love working with manufacturing businesses as they transition to Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform. The daunting task of switching from legacy systems to Google is right in our wheelhouse as a Google Cloud Premier Partner, and we’ve successfully worked with hundreds of companies on their Google Workspace deployments.

But that’s just the start.

When you work with us, you’ll enjoy expert technical migration, and ongoing support in the form of on-site change management training to get your entire team up to speed with the tools and knowledge they need to hit the ground running with Google Workspace and make the most of your investment in Google’s cloud.

Ready to speak to an expert and learn more about the cost and time involved in accelerating growth and cutting expenses at your manufacturing business with Google Workspace? Contact our team today. We look forward to speaking with you!